Some Pros and Cons of Medical Marijuana Methods

Since I have been dealing with cancer, I have had serious problems with pain, as well as problems with nausea and vomiting that comes with the chemotherapy that I have to do on a regular basis.  For quite some time, I would find myself stuck in bed, or worse, stuck in the bathroom, after I had undergone my chemotherapy treatments.  I had gotten prescriptions from my doctor to help me with my nausea and vomiting, but nothing really seemed to help me.  It appeared that I was doomed to be completely unable to function after my chemotherapy treatments.

That was until, of course, my doctor decided to prescribe me medical marijuana.  I had never done marijuana before in my life, so I was a little bit skeptical about whether or not it was a good idea.  Because I trusted my doctor, however, I decided to give it a shot in order to see whether or not it could help me to deal with all of the horrible effects of my chemotherapy.  He prescribed medical marijuana for me, and I went to a local medical dispensary in order to have the prescription filled.

The first time I tried the marijuana as a treatment, it came as a vial of joints.  I am not a smoker, and I really do not enjoy smoking at all.  I do not like the constant coughing that comes with smoking a joint, and so I really did not enjoy everything that came with this particular treatment.  Furthermore, I found myself getting really stoned and out of it, and I really did not like the feeling associated with the marijuana high.  While I did notice that the pain and the nausea subsided quite a bit, I did not know whether or not it was worth the cost.  It was great that I was not vomiting, but the pot made me so out of it that I could not really function anyway, and I definitely did not even dare try to drive my car.

After discussing this with my doctor, he offered a couple of different options.  In order to avoid having to smoke the pot, he told me that I could get different foods that I could eat with the marijuana in them.  The down side of this is the fact that eating the marijuana means that it takes a whole lot longer to get into your system, and so it would not be any sort of immediate relief for me.  Furthermore, he told me, there would still be THC in the edibles, so they would still give me the high that I was looking to avoid.  This did not seem to be the proper solution for me.

Thankfully, my doctor gave me one other option.  He told me that I would be able to get CBD capsules.  CBD is another chemical that can be found in the marijuana plant, but this one does not have the same effects as the THC does.  Basically, CBD, he said, would not get me high, but it might still offer me some other positive effects.  However, he also told me that the CBD might not help with the nausea or the pain as much as a marijuana product with THC in it might.  All things considered, I decided to go ahead and give this a shot in order to see whether or not it helped.

I have now been taking the CBD capsules for about a month, and I am loving the fact that it has helped with my nausea without making me feel funny.

Medical Marijuana is Blossoming

Once, marijuana (cannabis) was vilified by the media and the masses as a dangerous drug that causes people to go crazy as it destroys the brain. Now, there is an understanding that there are numerous medical uses for the plant. Research and objective use with medical marijuana has led to even more research as it has proven cannabis to be effective for many medical problems. Some groups of people are still unhappy with the changing legislation on cannabis. They are still stuck in the old vision of it being dangerous.

Now, as medical uses spread and increase, and areas are decriminalized, the world will soon come to see that cannabis is reasonable to have around for whatever reason. This would certainly clear a lot of space in prisons. If it becomes clear, through successive generations, that social and medical acceptance of marijuana becomes a real thing and it likely will, given the current momentum. Voices speak out and it is possible to buy at dispensaries or you can even mail order weed from online sources. You can see how much easier it has gotten.

Many of us grew up in the times when, if you were caught with any weed at all, there were legal consequences. The new generations are more accepting because they grew up as medical use and decriminalization were beginning. It is likely that they will continue with the open idea of medical marijuana into the future, as soon as the older ones start to fade from the arena of politics.

The very idea of having an easy way to mail order weed at your fingertips is going to be a good thing. You hold the easiest method and know exactly what you will need to order and when. It is a great way to keep up with your budget and to get the highest quality medical marijuana available in your area. Whether it is classic flowers of the best Sativas, or condensed oils with high potencies, you will find it online. As long as you are medically approved, you can start ordering right away.

It is services like these that are now sculpting a new era in medical cannabis availability. Broader selections are available online and you will also find plenty of news on similar sites. Go with the services that you like in terms of selection. It should be pretty easy. Every one of these marijuana items is designed for maximum benefit to the patient. Use whatever form you want, just be sure to take your doses as directed or as you feel.

Cannabis is something that is easy to dose yourself. With different potencies and the different forms, you will have varying effects. The interesting thing about marijuana is that it can have very strong effects but the user is never tempted to use much higher doses. When the marijuana is discontinued, there is no withdrawal, and most users never experience any negative side effects. You may get dry mouth, but that is easily fixed with some gum. You are living in a place where you can have your weed.